Presentation of the Project PREPARE at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA

UNM College of Education (COE)

On Monday, October 22, 2018, during his Spanish lecture at the UNM Center of Language Learning (CLL) about the use of educational patterns of action for the development of digital portfolios, Reinhard Bauer, University College of Teacher Education Vienna (PH Wien), Department for Interdisciplinary Education (IBS), Center for Educational Technology and Innovation (ZLI), presented and discussed as a visiting scholar Christopher Alexander’s pattern approach, and its usefulness in the field of education. He also had the opportunity to talk about his most recent work in the EU-funded project „PREPARE“ (Promoting reflective practice in the training of teachers using e-portfolios), which aims at finding an innovative solution to the problem of the simple lack of awareness concerning the promotion of individual learners. Bearing the objective of his lecture in mind, he focused on presenting examples and exercises concerning the work on the PrepareCampus that consists of a digital learning environment including an annotation platform for video analysis (edubreak®) and an e-portfolio application (Mahara). He explained how this learning environment is used in the practical training of student teachers. In this context, social video learning, i.e., the use of the video platform edubreak® that enables student teachers to watch and comment on their lessons in a timestamp-based way and, subsequently, to analyze their professional experience on the basis of peer and expert feedback, evoked great interest.

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